Our First Vendor Event

Our First Vendor Event

The Business Queens Club got invited to Junk In The Trunks official opening of their new warehouse in Grand Ledge, in Michigan two weekends ago. It was our first event and our President Rebecca Platte was the host of the vendor table this time!

This was our first vendor event and it went really well! A lot of things were learned along the way but I met some amazing business owners that I cannot wait to connect with in the future.

Junk In The Trunk is owned by Audra Ellis and it was created back in 2015. ” She created her own business to do the things she loved. She is passionate about recycling, creating unique repurposed art, keeping good usable items from our landfills, and helping others. She turned her passions into a full time job that makes a difference. ” – taken from Junk In The Trunks Website.

The services that Junk In The Trunk offers are the following:

  • Estate Liquidations.
  • Recycling Services.
  • Vintage Finds.
  • Junk Removal.
  • Reasonable Resale.

If you would like The Business Queens Club to be a vendor at your event, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@thebusinessqueensclub.com and our team will get back to you!

Thank you to Junk In The Trunk for inviting us to this event and we’ll be back for more!

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